The Story

Two college friends decide to spend a summer designing and selling affordable, bamboo sunglasses with polarized lens. After quickly realizing that their glasses, Tints, had a market beyond local beaches, they sought out F&F to lead the development of their company and marketing platform.

The founders quickly agreed that the best scenario was to make F&F’s CEO, Matthew Guruge, the interim CEO of Tints Wear to establish a complete business model, define a brand and lead business outreach.

In 10 months, he and the F&F team had increased sales by over 300% and created a brand.

This is how we did it:


Step 1: Create an Identity

Our great product had no meaning and no image. So, we came up with the Live for the Weekend brand, beginning with a logo.

The founders wanted something that was “both fierce and chill” and F & F wanted the logo to capture the same simplicity of the glasses.

"When you have a perfect brand,

you gotta show it off."

Step 2: Create Content

We needed content showing off the glasses in action. So, F&F started staging photo shoots and working with models to show how the glasses went with the Weekend.

Step 3:
Up The Engagement

We didn’t feel like there was enough engagement with the brand. So, we overhauled our accounts and customer service.

And we increased the fan base by +3000 along the way.

Step 4:
Get Into Other Markets

We were beginning to gain traction in New England, but we wanted growth in other major areas, so we launched a collegiate program to create exposure across campuses nationwide.

Step 5:
Retail & Experience

People need to touch glasses to buy them so we got them into retail and expanded our experiential marketing with a green screen strategy.

The Tints team would attend major events with a green screen, great music and cool backgrounds. Then, we would snap pictures of attendees who often wanted the glasses as much as the cool photos.

Step 6:
Expand Our Capabilities

We noticed that there was a large demand for custom glasses. So, we built in house capabilities for them.

We quickly began to garner orders for personalized and custom glasses from business and colleges including Jack Daniels and Hobart.

One Final Step:

As our last milestone, we needed to relaunch the company’s website with the new brand and product line.

Simplicity, it isn't easy