The Real Cape

The Story:

In November 2013, “Hippie,” a serial blogger with a penchant for funny, decided he was going to create a blog dedicated to his beloved home: Cape Cod. His focus would be what actually happens at the tourist haven year round.
He called it: The Real Cape, and it went viral in its first month.
In June, seven months after its birth, The Real Cape team approached F&F to help make a popular blog a full fledged business. It’s a work in progress, but
This is how we’re doing it:

Step 1: Organize

Going from a blog to a business is no easy task. Our first step was about defining a vision and getting everyone on the same page.

So, we built out a business plan replete with mission statement and long term vision. Then, we got everyone organized starting with the collaboration software, Asana.

Step 2: Monetize

With an idea of where we were going, we had to find a way to pay for it. So, we took a crack at bolstering ad revenue.

We built a comprehensive media kit for potential advertisers and coached up a team of sales reps to get it out there.

Step 3:
Catch Up On An Event

The Real Cape guys had been planning a Music Festival for a few months and needed a little help pulling it together.

First we built an emergency website in one very stressful weekend.

Step 4:
Get Funding

Then, we helped them secure funding by putting together an immaculate 22 page proposal.

Step 5:
Get Sponsors

And with the site up, ticket sales flying in, and the funding to make it all happen we started looking for some big name sponsors.

We approached and landed Budweiser and Sam Adams.

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Step 6: Scale

And now we are working on scaling the whole production. There are big things on the horizon that we aren’t allowed to talk about yet.
But, let’s just say, you’ll be hearing a lot more about this spunky blog in the future.