The Story

Alexander Portelli, a serial entrepreneur and political campaigner, moved to New Hampshire with a simple goal: establish a company around his newly minted ability to get high quality printing at extremely affordable prices.

Problem: He had no logo, no identity, no website, no infrastructure and just under a month to pull it all together.

This is how we did it:

Step 1: Research

We needed to know a lot more about printing, how it works, what it would cost, how we could profit and most importantly: how we were going to do it.

So, we hit the interwebs and learned everything we could, putting it all together in a white paper and some Excel sheets.

Step 2: Create an Identity

He didn’t have a name or a logo. So, we played off his last name, Portelli, to get PorcuPrint and started sketching out a complimentary mark.

Step 3: Solidify Model

We had to make sure he was going to make money on the project. So, we built four different spreadsheet models and worked with him to determine pricing and procedure.

Step 4: Build a Site,
and Build it Fast

A website was a must. Oh, and we needed it done in 3 weeks. So, we went into overdrive, mocked it up, wrote a ton of fun and friendly copy and started coding. We worked around the clock, but we beat our deadline.

Step 5:
Marketing Collateral

Every company needs swag, marketing collateral and all the other cool stuff to hand out. So, we designed a whole package for PorcuPrint.

Step 6:
Continually Support & Optimize

Every great project is a work in progress. PorcuPrint is still not done. It never will be. Each week, we take another look at the site, figure out what’s working and what’s not. Then, we adjust. Wait a week. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Beauty Through Iteration