How They Did It: Xiaomi

November 14, 2014 | By Matthew "The Instigator" Guruge,

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our years ago, Lei Jun, a renowned Chinese entrepreneur and investor, gathered a dream team of engineers to pursue one audacious goal: “establish a bright new mobile phone company” . In just that time, their company, Xiaomi (pronounced “chow me”) has boldly usurped the Chinese cell phone market, becoming its largest phone provider, ahead of Apple, Samsung and Lenovo.

Xiaomi’s ability to outdo these corporate giants seems to stem largely from their nearly obsessive concentration on their customers. Xiaomi’s slogan is “Just For The Fans” and they clearly take it seriously. So seriously, in fact, that the phrase seems to influence all of the company’s decisions from manufacturing to sales.

This odd overarching philosophy is why Xiaomi’s story of nearly instantaneous success is not just about its great visionary or its brilliant marketing schemes. Instead, its an unfinished and intriguing epic about how an entire company has aligned to accomplish what was thought to be an impossible mission.