What We're All About

The name “Flint & Foster” signifies how great actions depend on imaginative ideas and determined execution. It illustrates both the strike that starts a fire and the care it needs to grow.

At F & F, we strive to ignite stagnant strategies, companies and industries with concentrated defiance and unbridled creativity. We believe that to do this we must constantly uphold our keys to excellence.

They are: Boldness, Creativity, Honesty, Organization, Passion and Pace or simply, B-CHOPP. Because we believe in it, we use the acronym a lot. Some B-CHOPP sample uses: This website is totally B-CHOPP; B-CHOPP is in the air tonight; and can you B-CHOPP this up a bit?

The Team:

A fire-related marketing company is not an original idea. We just did it better. As individuals we’re all highly capable, but as a team we’re highly effective. That’s why we came together:

To create what no one could alone.

Tyler C. Hurst

COO, Co-Founder

Matthew Guruge

CEO, Co-Founder

Eben Palazzolo

CTO, Mad Scientist

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